Water Tank Lining, Refurbishment, Repair & Maintenance


Water Tank Lining Services

Polyethylene geomembrane makes great Water Tank Lining which are used to lined internally on concrete and pressed steel water tanks to solve problem on seam leakage from cracks or / failure cause by thermal movement and ultraviolet ray. Moreover, our Water Tank Lining Corrosion also plays a key role in preserving and protecting against corrosion and the deterioration of tanks. This method of a tanks within a tank is a proven technology that ensures total sealing efficiency and durability

  • HDPE Lining System, is used to form a protective barrier for internal surface of steel tank, reinforced concrete (R.C) tank & sewage tank to prevent seepage and leakage of stored liquid or water.
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembranes is an inert material contains approximately 97.5% polyethylene, 2.5% carbon black and resist ultraviolet degradation with elongation properties of 700%.
  • HDPE liners are smooth surface and have high flexibility for the ease of installation and welding (hot wedge/extrusions) to suit tank shapes and complex configurations
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Tank Refurbishment Services

According to BS 1564:1975 (Pressed Steel Sectional Rectangular Tanks), pressed steel sectional tanks shall be inspected internally and externally at an interval not greater than 12 months alongside all the necessary Water Tank Repair & Maintenance. As a tank specialist, we provide effective and proper Water Tank Refurbishment Services for existing steel or R.C. tanks. We apply the most appropriate and cost­effective Water Tank Refurbishment plan for your Water Tank Repair & Maintenance with annual service contract and warranty period.

Failure to maintain your existing tank would render:

  • Sludge, dirt and other contaminants deposition
  • Disruption of water supply
  • Corrosion attack on internal surface and equipments
  • High cost for replacement of new tank & related works
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Proper & Effective Maintenance:

  • Corrosion & toxic free
  • Good & clean water supply
  • Saving cost for replacement of new tank & related works
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